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Sam PhillipePhotogenesis is a student registered organization (RSO) which organizes and hosts outside of classroom photography-related activities to broaden the student learning experience.

In the past, Photogenesis has co-sponosred guest visiting artists, raised funds for equipment purchases and supported SPE conference expenses for students. Additionally, Photogenesis has begun a fine art photography journal to showcase work of student photographers.


Theme:: "#Alternatives"
Extended Deadline:: April 27th, 2017
Juror:: Tim Guthrie

This year's theme for Lux 2017 is #Alternatives. Submit your best images which represent the idea of being or witnessing an alternative way of living. Inextricably tied to this theme of #Alternatives is the idea that there is a status quo or a popular mainstream narrative that dictates how the world operates or at least how it should operate. What alternative lifestyles do you find curious? What is the impact of alternative truths? What alternative belief systems challenge the status quo? What alternative points of view and histories provide a clearer picture about the world? Trendsetters, outliers, outsiders, non-comformists, discoverers, and the list goes on to describe those who work to find a better or more meaningful modes of existence. How have contemporary social economic forces impacted the norms in regard to the economy, family, farming, transportation, energy, public spaces, water consumption, leisure, gender in sports, healthcare, and etc?


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