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Sam PhillipePhotogenesis is a student registered organization (RSO) which organizes and hosts outside of classroom photography-related activities to broaden the student learning experience.

In the past, Photogenesis has co-sponosred guest visiting artists, raised funds for equipment purchases and supported SPE conference expenses for students. Additionally, Photogenesis has begun a fine art photography journal to showcase work of college photographers.


LUX 2014 - a fine art photography journal

Theme:: "Uncanny Scenes & Dreams"
Deadline :: March 21st (11:59pm CST)
Juror:: Andy Bloxham

Life is absurd, not matter how tightly we try to regulate it with rules, laws, social expectations and other conformist behavior. And, such regulation for normalcy can lose its hard protective layer and reveal the utterly bizarre and mysterious through the most unexpected ways. The Uncanny is commonly expressed in fictional literature, common mythologies, religion, news of the weird, and Hollywood cinema as a way to shake and to jolt the understanding of self and society. Dreams serve as a common platform for experiencing the surreal, but one can witness a moment, event, or scene that is equally stranger than fiction in nature, at home, or in the streets. The Uncanny can be found in a scene or constructed from a dream.

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LUX 2014- a fine art photography journal
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