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Sam PhillipePhotogenesis is a student registered organization (RSO) which organizes and hosts outside of classroom photography-related activities to broaden the student learning experience.

In the past, Photogenesis has co-sponosred guest visiting artists, raised funds for equipment purchases and supported SPE conference expenses for students. Additionally, Photogenesis has begun a fine art photography journal to showcase work of college photographers.


Theme:: "Mirage"
Extended Deadline:: April 14th, 2015
Juror:: Aspen Hochhalter

A mirage decieves our sensory perception, often pinning the real against the fantasy. The most rationale, well-guarded and brilliant minds can easily be tricked and hacked by sleight of hand, optical phenomena, or power of suggestion. As photographers, we trust our cameras to record and to communicate a verifable truth to varying degree but with so many variables involved in the production and design process, such as lens choice, filters, perspective, color and composition, depth of field and much more, the photographic image can at times be used as a tool that generates "mirages". This year's edition of Lux is looking to publish the best and creative examples of "mirage".


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LUX 2016- a fine art photography journal
Submission is Closed!