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Spring 2019 Photogenesis Officers

President - Adam Holbrook 

Vice President - Alex Rodriguez

Treasurer - Emily Gibson and Brayon Calvin

Social Media - Leah Sutton

Staffing and Logistics Coordinator  - Katherine Shew

Faculty Advisors - Dan Overturf  and Antonio Martinez 

Photo for Hire Inquiries?

Communications Director / Secretary - Taryn Vandersluis

Photogenesis has a team of student photographers and photography assistants who are trained to use a variety of camera and lighting accessory equipment to document campus events.  They also have the ability and knowledge to work in the SIU Photo Lighting Studio to make portraits or still life product shots.  In addition to capturing the image, Photogenesis offers the service of post-production and printing.

Contact Photogenesis for a Price Quote.  The pricing of events, portraits, and product photoshoots vary due to the needs and complexity of each client's request.  Some photoshoots may require multiple photographers or specialty lenses and lighting equipment.

The duration of the event and location are two additional factors that determine costs.

Typically, we need at least 2 weeks advance notice so that we can give our photographers enough time to adjust their schedules.  For shorter notice requests, we cannot make any promises, but we'll try to find a photographer and photo assistant that is available.