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Theme:: "Tipping Point"
Extended Deadline:: Wednesday, May 1st, 2018
Juror:: Justyna Badach

"The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire." - Malcolm Gladwell

Submit your best images which figuratively or metaphorically expresses what it means to be on the edge of change or transformation, for better or worse. When an idea becomes a popular trend on social media and enters the popular imagination, the status quo is quickly disrupted and risks termination or alteration. Sometimes tipping points lead to new and better ways of living as evidenced with the latest social movements witnessed in the news, while other tipping points lead to irreversible destruction, such as the impact of industrial waste upon the environment.

There have been several televised events that have centered around social change, ranging from the #meToo, #BLM, gun control, rising sea waters, oil pipelines, AI, solar energy, and anything in between. What personal tipping points have you witnessed or experienced in your home or community? Until a hotly debated social cause impacts one's personal well being, such regularly broadcasted events are limited as political theater or social media fodder.

Are your neighborhoods changing due to economic, demographic, political, or technological changes? Are friends or family members considering a career change because of external pressures or other forces? What is the collateral damage or benefit of a tipping point? On an individual level, peer pressure and mob mentality can contribute to a "tipping point" effort or agenda. What businesses, people, or other entities function as tipping points in your community? What emotions are associated with being the hero, survivor, or opponent of tipping points? Are tipping points accidental or carefully orchestrated social events.

Be metaphorical or literal in how you visually communicate the concept of "tipping point" with your photography. There's no rules or boundaries on how you can best express this idea.


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